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An acclaimed new novel promises to be both enlightening and entertaining for a Galatians study.  A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle, will be a fascinating read for persons and groups interested in Paul's letter to the Galatians. Galatians, one of the authentic letters of Paul, includes his radical insights on grace and justification and also contains biographical details about Paul not found elsewhere.  This book will offer helpful context and background to the circumstances that caused Paul to write this letter, all the while making a Galatians study highly enjoyable.

As compelling story telling can do, the novel as a Galatians study will carry the reader to the heartland of Anatolia (modern day Turkey) for Paul's several visits to the highland region.  Shiver with Paul, huddled in a patch of scrub oaks as an early winter storm whistles down on him.  Tour the blood-soaked temple to the goddess Cybele with Paul and a local eunuch, one of those who castrated himself in a drunken frenzy during temple rites.  Meet the frightening Celtic warrior who would safeguard the Galatian's contribution to Paul's collection for Jerusalem.

Would your study group benefit from a provocative perspective? "This is a story that will both shock and inspire any Christian who is truly searching to find and follow the historical Jesus," according to one reviewer.  Would authentic historical background improve your Galatians study?  "This just may be the most authentically historical novel ever written about the lives of the apostles," the reviewer writes.  Would your study group take delight in being eyewitnesses to history?  "The novel's marvelous prose made me feel as if I was actually there witnessing the events described," the reviewer adds.

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Readers are gushing!

"A stupendous novel"

"Regardless of your personal religious background, this book is absolutely breathtaking"

"Your novel was difficult to put down and brought to life a distant time and place with such humanity and liveliness"

"A truly significant work"