Brother of Jesus

The Bible mentions the brother of Jesus in the gospels, Acts of the Apostles, and Paul's writings.  In fact, there were several brothers (James, Jude, Simon, and Joses) and unnamed sisters, but clearly James, the brother of Jesus, played the most important role in the Jesus movement after the crucifixion.  Historians agree that James was the leader of the Jerusalem based Jewish followers for more than a generation after his brother's death.  "James the Just" is the name history has pinned on the brother of Jesus.  In the Eastern tradition, the brother of Jesus is known as "James Adelphotheos" (literally, the "brother of God").

A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle has been released to critical acclaim.  “A Wretched Man is a powerful recreation of the world of Paul, James and Peter that pulls no punches! Real individuals, with passions and agendas, step on to the world stage,” according to one reviewer.  The novel's main storyline is the running conflict between Paul and James.  Who argued that Paul's Gentile converts be circumcised?  James, the brother of Jesus.  Who sent emissaries to question the practices of the Gentile churches outside of Palestine?  James, the brother of Jesus.  Who convinced Peter and Barnabas to turn against Paul over Torah observances?  James.

As Gentile Christianity became normative and Jewish Christianity waned, the memory of the brother of Jesus diminished also.  The victors write the history, but the brother of Jesus comes alive again in A Wretched Man.

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