Biblical Fiction Novel released to critical acclaim

Biblical fiction is a sub-genre of historical fiction.  With settings, characters, and plotlines lifted from the pages of Scripture, Biblical fiction books invite the reader to enter the ancient of world of camels and caravans, temples and priests, conquerors and conquered to witness the events that birthed world religions.  Released to critical acclaim, A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle, is poised to take its place as the latest entry in the tradition that started with Ben Hur over a century ago, followed by The Robe and Barabbas in the mid-twentieth century, and recently continued by the international best seller, The Red Tent.
A Wretched Man is no mere retelling of familiar stories.  This novel offers a provocative interpretation of the apostle to the Gentiles whose controversial struggle with James, the brother of Jesus, is nothing less than the foundational history of Christianity's beginnings.

Trudge the dusty alleyways of Jerusalem as James, the leader of the Jewish Jesus movement, escorts the young upstart who claimed a vision on the road to Damascus.  This novel of Biblical fiction will take you there.  Pick sides a dozen years later when the two debate circumcision and the traditional requirements of Torah before the assembly of apostles.  This latest work of Biblical fiction invites your participation.  Wander the ancient Roman highways with the lonely but defiant apostle to the Gentiles, looking ahead toward Rome and back over a nervous shoulder toward suspicious Jerusalem.  This book will introduce you to many whose names you know, lifted from the pages of Scripture.  Sail across the Great Sea as the apostle returns after his missionary journeys are complete for a final confrontation with his nemesis.  Will the now-aged leaders, and their Jewish and Gentile followers, finally reconcile?  This work of Biblical fiction asks this, and many more questions.

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Readers are gushing!

"A stupendous novel"

"Regardless of your personal religious background, this book is absolutely breathtaking"

"Your novel was difficult to put down and brought to life a distant time and place with such humanity and liveliness"

"A truly significant work"