Simon Peter featured in acclaimed new novel

Many think of Simon Peter as the most important personage in early Christian history.  Undoubtedly, the role of Simon Peter as the first leader of the church in Rome and thus the first pope has been emphasized in Roman Catholicism.  Yet, contemporary scholarship suggests that he actually played a secondary role to James, the brother of Jesus, who led the Jewish, Jesus movement in Jerusalem for three decades after the crucifixion. 

An acclaimed new novel, A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle, follows current scholarship and characterizes Simon Peter as the waffling, wavering intermediary between James, the Jewish leader, and Paul, the leader of the Gentiles. Listen to the words of one reviewer:
A Wretched Man is a powerful recreation of the world of Paul, James and Simon Peter that pulls no punches! Agree or disagree, this book opens up the reality of the world of Paul and his contemporaries in a way no other work does. Real individuals, with passions and agendas, step on to the world stage.”

Although all three men were Jews, James promoted the traditions of Torah, but Paul rejected circumcision, dietary regulations, and Sabbath observances.  Poor Simon Peter was caught in the middle, uncertain which way to lean.  Their conflict is the main storyline of this novel, and their saga is nothing less than the history of the origins of Christianity.  Be a fly on the wall as Paul first shares a wineskin with Simon Peter in Jerusalem, celebrate on the rooftop of the house of Simon Peter after Paul emerges victorious from debates with James a decade later, agonize with him when he later visits Paul in Antioch, and he is finally forced to choose sides. 

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