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An acclaimed new novel promises to be a heady mix of information and entertainment for your Romans Bible study.  A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle, will be a tantalizing treat for groups and individuals engaged with a Romans Bible study.  This novel will offer background that you can see, hear, and smell--the sights, sounds, and aromas of the first century world of the Roman Empire.  

As potent story telling can do, this novel as a Romans Bible study will bring you in as a companion on the journey of the first Christians.  Become an eyewitness to Christian history as familiar characters are lifted from New Testament pages: fresh, alive, and compelling.  Here you will meet Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles, Peter the best friend and confidant of the Messiah, and James, the brother of Jesus.

Spice up your Romans bible study.  "The internecine struggles waged by Paul, James, and Peter in A Wretched Man are still with the church today. This is a story that will both shock and inspire any Christian who is truly searching to find and follow the historical Jesus," says one reviewer.

Invite your study group to share the pilgrimage of New Testament icons. "This is the first biblical drama I have ever read that presents the apostles as real flesh and blood human beings struggling with the all-too-human issues we all face," the reviewer adds. 

A Wretched Man: an enlightening, entertaining and edifying resource for your Romans Bible study.

Spice up your Romans study group, and use the free study guide to generate discussion. Group discounts available.

Readers are gushing!

"A stupendous novel"

"Regardless of your personal religious background, this book is absolutely breathtaking"

"Your novel was difficult to put down and brought to life a distant time and place with such humanity and liveliness"

"A truly significant work"