Gay Christian: A heated debate

Conservatives have long used the Bible to "clobber" gays.  How should a gay Christian respond?  In Paul's letter to the Romans, he writes about "degrading passions", "unnatural intercourse", "a debased mind", and "shameless acts".  How should a gay Christian respond to Paul's harsh words?  A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle has been released to critical acclaim.  The novel offers a provocative perspective for gays--that Paul was a self-loathing gay man.

A Wretched Man offers a fresh context for evaluating Paul's words.  For a man learned in the law, Leviticus indicted him.  Uncomfortable in his own skin and tormented by sexual angst, his pricking "thorn in his side" persisted despite repeated prayers for release.  One who commented about the novel said, "The handling of the homoerotic issue was pithy and direct."  According to another, "The sexual angst was artfully understated--real without being titillating."  This is a story that will resonate with a gay Christian, especially one who has wrestled with similar guilt, but it offers a challenging point of view for each and every Christian who must respond to Biblical gay bashing--and indeed for all Christians who are conflicted about the Bible and its "clobber" passages.
For anyone who is a gay Christian, whether a gay Catholic, a gay Lutheran, a gay Episcopalian, a gay Methodist, a gay evangelical, a gay Baptist, or a gay Presbyterian, this novel offers a unique insight.  For a gay Christian and allies, A Wretched Man is a must read.

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