Corinthians Bible study

If you're looking for an informative and entertaining resource for a Corinthians Bible study, an acclaimed new novel promises to be just what you're looking for.  A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle, will be a delicious treat for persons and groups doing a Bible study.  This book will offer context that you can see, hear, and smell--the sights, sounds, and aromas of exotic, opulent, and decadent Corinth, which twice served as Paul's home base.   Bring your Corinthians Bible study to life.

As compelling story telling can do, A Wretched Man will whisk you away to the first century world of the Roman Empire.  Here you will meet the earthy sisters, Phoebe and Chloe of the seaport village of Cenchreae outside Corinth; you will climb the brooding massif, the acrocorinth, where goddess prostitutes once frolicked; and you will listen to the polyglot of the harbor proletariat come to Corinth, the crossroads for seafarers from around the Great Sea.

Would your Bible study group benefit from realism? " Robert Holmen is a wonderful writer with a gift for bringing the Roman and Jewish worlds of the first century to life in an incredibly realistic way," according to one reviewer.  Would it spice up your Corinthians Bible study to encounter persons whose names you know, lifted from the pages of the New Testament?  "This is the first biblical drama I have ever read that presents the apostles as real flesh and blood human beings struggling with the all-too-human issues we all face," the reviewer writes.  Would it inspire your group to be eyewitnesses to history?  "The novel's marvelous prose made me feel as if I was actually there witnessing the events described," the reviewer concludes.  A Wretched Man--an enlightening and entertaining resource for your Corinthians Bible study.

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"A stupendous novel"

"Regardless of your personal religious background, this book is absolutely breathtaking"

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