Christian Origins

A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle, has been released to critical acclaim.  For nearly thirty years following the crucifixion of Jesus, Paul trekked Roman highways, spreading the good news revealed to him on the road to Damascus.  His journey is the story of Christian origins. But James, the brother of Jesus, who ascended to leadership of the Jesus movement in Jerusalem, had his doubts about Paul's Gentile mission.  James' worry, and that of the Jewish followers of Jesus in Jerusalem, is also the story of Christian origins.  Spread over nearly three decades, the ongoing strife between Paul and James is the main storyline of the novel.

Would the Jesus movement remain faithful to Hebrew traditions such as circumcision, dietary restrictions, and Sabbath observances?  Yes, said James.  No, said Paul.  Climb high mountain passes with the pilgrim apostle, risk shipwreck on the Aegean Sea, visit the great cities of the Roman Empire and small hamlets, too--always with a forward look toward Rome but a backward glance toward Jerusalem and the skeptical, scornful, watching eyes of James.  On your journey you will encounter Jews and Gentiles, kings and servants, men and women peeled from the pages of the New Testament.

Paul and James didn't intend to start a new religion, but Christian origins were forged in the crucible of their conflict.  A Wretched Man is the story of Paul the apostle.  And James, the brother of Jesus.  And Christian origins.

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