Christian History

A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle is a thoroughly researched novel of early Christian history.  Released to critical acclaim, the novel "pulls no punches".  The "highly readable" novel is "based on contemporary scholarship" of Christian history in which "real individuals, with passions and agendas, step on to the world stage.”  The novel tells the story of Paul the Apostle and his ongoing struggle with James, the brother of Jesus.  History was forged in the crucible of conflict between these two early leaders of the Jesus movement, and A Wretched Man lifts familiar faces from the pages of the New Testament in a compelling recreation of early Christian history.

Travel with Paul as he trekked the highways of the first century world, always looking forward toward Rome but with nervous glances back toward Jerusalem and the skeptical, scornful, watching eyes of James.  Wander and wonder with the apostle to the Gentiles and his travel companions, Barnabas, Timothy, and Titus.

The Temple towered over the ancient snarled alleyways of Jerusalem.  Gaze with James upon the gleaming marble walls and the brooding Roman fortress next door.  Always those bloody Romans.  Walk the narrow streets with the brother of the Messiah, who must hold the Jesus movement together until the Messiah's return.  Worry with him. 
Encounter others you know from Christian history: Peter, Mary Magdalene, Pontius Pilate.  This novel entices you with the sights, sounds, and smells of the Roman Empire and keeps you there with a provocative depiction of the life and times of those who made Christian history. 

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