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A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle, has been released to critical acclaim.  "A powerful recreation of the world of Paul, James and Peter that pulls no punches!"  Hard hitting and provocative, this latest entry into the genre of Christian fiction novels will be controversial for those who prefer their Christian fiction novels to be quiet, polite, and traditional.  But, if you're willing to accept a rough edge to your Christian fiction novels, you'll discover a rare jewel in A Wretched Man.
A Wretched Man is no mere rehash of the traditional Biblical narrative.  This edgy example of Christian fiction novels offers a provocative interpretation of the apostle to the Gentiles. The storyline traces Paul's conflict with James, the brother of Jesus, over the course of nearly three decades and across the 1st century Roman Empire.

Wander the narrow alleyways of Jerusalem as the brother of Jesus takes the measure of the brash upstart who claimed a vision near Damascus.  This novel will take you there.  Over a decade later, choose sides when the two leaders debate the traditional requirements of Jewish religion before the apostolic assembly.  This version of Christian fiction novels invites your participation.  Trudge the dusty Imperial roads with the defiant apostle to the Gentiles, eyes fixed on Rome but with nervous glances back toward skeptical Jerusalem.  Along the way, this latest of Christian fiction novels will introduce you to names you know, peeled from the pages of Holy Writ.  Ride the waves across the Great Sea as Paul returns at the completion of his missionary journeys for a final confrontation with the brother of Jesus.  If you won't be upset by a bouncy ride, A Wretched Man--edgy, provocative, and controversial amongst Christian fiction novels--is for you.

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