Cephas (Simon Peter) portrayed in acclaimed new novel

Cephas is the Aramaic version of the name, "Peter", one of the preeminent characters in the New Testament.  Cephas was the best friend of Jesus and leader of his disciples.  Cephas, together with James the brother of Jesus, led the Jesus movement in Jerusalem after the death of their Messiah.  Cephas and Paul, the two great saints of the early church, were friends who became enemies, according to the provocative perspective of an acclaimed new novel, A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle.

Although both men were Jews, one promoted the traditions of Torah, and one did not.  One saw his calling to be to the Hebrews and the other to the Gentiles.  But Torah prohibited mixing and mingling of things unlike; how should the disparate followers of the Jesus movement come together to worship, to eat, to celebrate the birth of a new son?  That was the dilemma of Cephas and Paul.  Paul was certain, but Cephas waffled and wavered and finally walked away, and the first schism in the emerging church became history.

Listen to the word of one reviewer: "This just may be the most authentically historical novel ever written about the lives of the apostles. This is the first biblical drama I have ever read that presents the apostles as real flesh and blood human beings struggling with the all-too-human issues we all face. The internecine struggles waged by Paul, James, and Peter in this book are still with the church today."
Listen in as Paul and Cephas spent a fortnight plus one together for the first time, not long after Paul's famous conversion.  Party with Cephas and Paul after Paul's victorious debate with James more than a decade later.  Feel the anguish of a crushed friendship when he came to Paul's home turf in Antioch soon to become an enemy, spurring the apostle to the Gentiles to strike out in a new direction.

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