Bible Novel Released to Critical Acclaim

A Bible novel fits into a very small niche of historical fiction.  With settings, characters, and themes pulled straight from the pages of Holy Writ, a Bible novel allows the author and the reader to enter the ancient Semitic world of the Middle East to witness firsthand the events that birthed the religions of the Book.  A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle, is the latest Bible novel in the tradition of Ben Hur, The Robe, Barabbas, and The Red Tent.  Acclaimed by scholars, both Christian and Jewish, this book offers a provocative interpretation of Paul the Apostle whose compelling story is nothing less than the history of the origins of Christianity.

Listen in when Paul first met Peter--a Bible novel is free to wander there and wonder--or squeeze into the jailor's cell in Ephesus, or risk drowning by shipwreck on the Aegean, or take sides in the debate at the first apostolic assembly over the circumcision of Gentiles.  Come, trudge along with the man from Tarsos, as he beats a dusty pilgrimage along the Roman highways of the first century world: across high plains and through rugged mountain passes, by sea and by foot, a solitary and lonely soul who inspired thousands.  Along the road, you will bump into many whose names you know but whose faces have been blurred by the centuries.  Hear their voices come alive, fresh and new. But prepare to be challenged, for this book offers a provocative perspective that "pulls no punches", according to one reviewer.

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"A stupendous novel"

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"Your novel was difficult to put down and brought to life a distant time and place with such humanity and liveliness"

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