Best Historical Novels

The best historical novels include A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle. These novels lift settings, characters, and plots from the pages of history.  The best historical novels invite the reader to faraway times and places.  This example of the best historical novels will whisk you away to the Biblical world of camels and caravans, priests and temples, conquerors and conquered; here you will witness the birth of Christianity. 

A Wretched Man is no mere retelling of familiar tales.  This acclaimed work of the best historical novels offers a thought-provoking characterization of Paul the apostle whose running struggle with James, the brother of Jesus, is nothing less than the birth pangs of Christianity.
Saint Paul was tormented by a stinging thorn in his flesh.  I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate, he agonized.  Paul did not meet Jesus of Nazareth, but he claimed an encounter with the crucified Messiah on the road to Damascus.  According to the characterization of this entrant into best historical novels, Paul believed his Damascus vision had healed his anguished soul, but Jesus' own brother scoffed at Paul's tale. That was but a dream, said James, the younger brother of the crucified Messiah, Who can trust a vision? 

Follow their decade's long conflict across the Roman Empire in this recent work that will take its place amongst the best historical novels.

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