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The best historical fiction novel, A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the Apostle, has been released to critical acclaim.  “A Wretched Man is a powerful recreation of the world of Paul, James and Peter that pulls no punches!" according to one reviewer. "In this highly readable novel, based on contemporary scholarship, Paul comes alive as a complex individual." The best historical fiction plucks settings, characters, and plotlines from the pages of history.  The best historical fiction invites the reader to faraway places and times long ago.  This book will carry you into the exotic 1st century world of camels and caravans, temples and priests, conquerors and conquered; here you will witness the events that birthed Christianity. 

This is no mere rehash of oft-told tales.  This acclaimed work of the best historical fiction offers a provocative characterization of the apostle to the Gentiles whose battle with James, the brother of Jesus, is nothing less than the history of Christianity's origins.

Saint Paul was a sinner.  I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate, he said.  In this novel, Paul never met Jesus, but he experienced the famous conversion on the road to Damascus, long after the Messiah had been crucified.  According to the interpretation of this best historical fiction novel, Paul believed his Damascus experience had healed his guilty soul, but Jesus' own brother doubted Paul's tale. That was but a dream, scoffed James, the younger brother of the crucified Messiah. 

Follow their decade's long conflict across the Roman Empire in this best historical fiction novel.

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