Best Christian Fiction

A Wretched Man, a novel of Paul the apostle, takes its place as one of the best Christian fiction novels to be released recently.  Provocative and controversial, this latest offering of the best Christian fiction will be unsettling for those who prefer the best Christian fiction to be polite and orthodox.  But, those willing to risk a rough edge to the best Christian fiction will unearth a rare jewel.

This book is no mere retelling of traditional Biblical stories.  This edgy version of the best Christian fiction offers an unorthodox interpretation of the man from Tarsus, yet one consistent with contemporary historical scholarship as the best Christian fiction should be. The storyline of this book details Paul's conflict with James, the brother of Jesus, over two and half decades and along the highways of the 1st century Roman Empire.

Trudge the dusty alleyways of Jerusalem as the brother of Jesus measures the upstart who claimed to meet the resurrected Messiah on the road to Damascus.  This latest of the best Christian fiction will take you there.  Over a decade later, listen to the debates between the two leaders who differed over the traditional requirements of Hebrew religion.  This best Christian fiction invites your attendance.  Wander the winding Imperial roads with the defiant Paul, eyes toward Rome but with glances back toward scornful Jerusalem.  In Corinth, in Ephesus, in far flung cities and hamlets, this work of best Christian fiction will introduce you to familiar names lifted from the pages of the New Testament.  And when Paul's missionary journeys are done, ride a bucking merchant galley across the Great Sea as he returns to Jerusalem for a final confrontation with James.  If you can stomach a bouncy ride, A Wretched Man--an edgy and provocative offering of the best Christian fiction--is for you.

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